Moss: Book 2 scuttles unto PlayStation VR next spring

Watch gameplay of the new tail.

The sequel to the adorable Moss will arrive for PlayStation VR in spring 2022, developer Polyarc said today.

A fresh gameplay trailer for Moss: Book 2 is also now available, showing mouse hero Quill in the game’s opening sections – which pick up right from the end of the original game.

As you’d expect, it’s still adorable.

I chatted with Bungie and BioWare veteran Joshua Stiksma, design director on Moss: Book 2, about the project after it was announced back in the summer.

“Our structure works well for a linear story, but that doesn’t mean our geography has to be completely linear,” Stiksma said of the sequel. “There’s going to be more opportunities to go off the path – this is about expanding the world, the journey with Quill but also the story of these environments, why they’re like they are.”

Source: Eurogamer

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