Google Photos iOS gets new editing tools: Portrait Light, Blur, Smart Suggestions and more

Google last year introduced machine learning-powered editing tools in Google Photos for Pixel phones. Now, the company has released some of the features including Portrait Light, Blur, Smart Suggestions and more for the Google Photos app for iOS. However, these features will only be made available to iOS users with an active One subscription. Also Read – Google entry into the OEM and navigation service space will change the market scenario

List of new features

Portrait Light: The Portrait Light feature will allow users to add an artificial lighting effect to images of people. The feature provides users with a few customisation options including the position and brightness of the lighting effect. Also Read – PUBG New State reportedly bricking Android devices: Details here

Blur: The blur effect will let users add background blur to pictures of people, which were not shot in the portrait mode. Also Read – Google expands its flood forecasting system all across India: How it works

Colour Focus: The Colour Focus feature allows users to desaturate the background, while at the same time allowing users to keep the foreground colourful and in focus, thus helping the subject to stand out.

Smart Suggestions: Smart Suggestions will provide users with easy to use one-tap edits according to each photo’s content.

HDR: The HDR mode will allow users to apply a layer of enhanced brightness and contrast to the image, to help make it more appealing to the human eye.

Sky: The Sky feature will allow users to change how the sky looks in images. There will be a number of options to choose from along with fine-tuning settings like colour and contrast.

The Sky feature can be found inside of the ‘Suggestions’ tab of the redesigned editor, while other tools, including HDR, are available under the ‘Adjust’ tab. The new Blur and Colour Pop features can now also work on images that don’t have depth information. While the Blur, colour focus, and colour pop features will continue to work for images with depth information even if the users do not have a Google One subscription.

All of these features are already available to Android users with a Google One subscription inside of the Google Photos app.

Who is eligible to get the new Google Photos features?

All of the new features introduced for the Google Photos iOS app are now available on all iOS devices with at least 3 GB of RAM running iOS 14.0 or newer.

Source: BGR

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