Google Search gets Smurfy, trolls you if it can’t find the result you are looking for

Google tries quirky stuff every and now then, be it doodles, or fun little touch on the search engine. While it is exciting but as Android Police rightly points out to be an easy place to waste time. Also Read – Google Photos app allows users to hide images, videos in Locked Folder: How to use it

The tech giant has come up with yet another fun element to twiddle thumbs. With Christmas rolling in, Google has already begun celebration starting with easter minigame in the search engine. As first spotted by Android Police, Artem Russakovskii, an ice-blue fishing troll shows up in case Google can’t redirect to the page or result that you are looking for. Also Read – Google Photos iOS gets new editing tools: Portrait Light, Blur, Smart Suggestions and more

As per Artem, Google is testing this cute ‘ice fishing easter egg/minigame’ for searches with no results. He even embedded a tweet that shows the troll that tries to pull stuff from beneath. You can keep fiddling with the fish hook, each time the cute little troll picks a new thing and clicks on the object drop it on the blue bucket beside it. Also Read – Google entry into the OEM and navigation service space will change the market scenario

However, AndroidPolice notes that the easter egg hasn’t been widely rolled out yet, but Google might gift this icy-blue troll to the masses soon.

On a related note, the tech giant has made it a compulsion for accounts to have two-step verification enabled. With an effort to ‘bolster security’ among devices to prevent outsiders from logging in to the account devoid of having a user name and password. The feature will be helpful in many cases especially if some miscreant attempts to log in without permission.

To enable it one can open your Google account, by tapping the profile in the top right, and selecting “Manage your Google account”, then in the navigation panel select Security, and under “Signing in to Google” section select 2-Step Verification. Enter the password to confirm it’s you and tap Get Started, follow the on-screen steps, if everything looks right select Continue to verify your details, and then press the Turn On option.

Source: BGR

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