These 23 Android apps are found with malicious PhoneSpy spyware, delete them immediately

Online scamming and hacking incidents are rising at a rapid pace these days. Cyber security experts say that the reason behind the rise of online scams is the pandemic. Experts suggest that the pandemic pushed people worldwide to spend more time on the internet. Also Read – Google Search gets Smurfy, trolls you if it can’t find the result you are looking for

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people have been depending on online platforms more than ever before to conduct their day-to-day tasks. Hackers and scammers are using this to their advantage and trying out different hacks to trick innocent people. The latest incident suggests that scammers are using PhoneSpy spyware to steal users’ data and money. Also Read – Google Photos app allows users to hide images, videos in Locked Folder: How to use it

As per the Mobile security company Zimperium, scammers are running a spyware campaign dubbed the PhoneSpy, which involves a bunch of spyware apps appearing as helpful tools. To simply explain PhoneSpy, is mainly a mobile app that claims to be useful. For instance, in this case, the PhoneSpy spyware apps claim to streams movies and help subscribers learn yoga. However, that’s really not the case. Also Read – Samsung accidentally leaks Android 12 update schedule: Check list of devices

phonespy spyware apps

Delete these apps right now

What is PhoneSpy?

As per the report, the PhoneSpy spyware primarily steals information, photos, videos, among other things from subscribers. The spyware mainly targets Android users and has not affected any iOS user to date. So, if you use an Android phone and have such dangerous apps installed, delete them right now.

As per the report, the PhoneSpy spyware can steal information such as — login credentials, SMS, call logs, contacts, and photos. In addition, such spyware can monitor GPS location, record audio, and video in real-time, exfiltrate device information such as IMEI, brand, device name, Android version, and more.

While such spyware apps can be dangerous for you, the Zimperium report reveals that there are just 23 Android apps in the PhoneSpy campaign. The report highlights that the identified PhoneSpy apps have been mainly targeting South Korean citizens. So, if you are out of South Korea, you are safe for now.

The Zimperium report suggests that thousands of South Korean users have downloaded PhoneSpy spyware on their mobile devices.

Source: BGR

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