Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol Have a Teen Titans Go! Thanksgiving in This Chaotic Exclusive Clip

Teen Titans Go Thanksgiving Special Exclusive Clip

After all, fighting is for Christmas, not Thanksgiving. Aside from trying to avoid family infighting and seasonal football, the episode will also see Beast Boy and Doom Patrol work together to enter a float in the town’s local Thanksgiving Day parade, which you can almost guarantee is going to go down about as well as Elasti-Girl’s dinner.

If 30 minutes of shenanigans with the Titans isn’t enough for you—and neither is the usual smorgasbord of Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network has on its schedule—in the run up to the new episode, the network will air daily marathons of the series in the week of November 15 from 2pm-9pm ET. Monday’s marathon will focus on Beast Boy-centric episodes, Tuesday’s Starfire, Wednesday’s Raven, and Thursday’s Robin, before Friday itself will be dedicated to previous special episodes, culminating in “A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving” at 8pm. Poor Cyborg missing out on a day seems a bit rude, but perhaps six out of seven days dedicated to Teen Titans Go! in a week was too much for even Cartoon Network to consider.

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Source: Gizmodo

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