Got a gift card that is collecting dust? Here’s how you can turn it into gold

The festive season has taught us different ways to please our friends and family members.  Some like to get big gifts and some are content with the traditional ways i.e cash. However,  a lot of people these days have started a new trend of giving gift cards. While these do come in handy at times, a lot of the times you would just be left having to buy something before the card expires. That is not apt and I personally would rather have money in my pocket than something that I might use later. Here we will be taking a look at how you can convert any gift card that you have into cash. Also Read – GTA The Trilogy-Definitive Edition re-listed for PC gamers via Games Launcher

Before we take a look at how you can sell your unused gift card, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should read all terms and conditions while selling through third-party websites. Apart from that, you should first make sure that the card is working. Also Read – OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan Edition review: It is all about the yellow blob

While there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your unused gift card using an online platform, it still increases the odds, considering that it will serve up your card to its customers to be sold. There are platforms like Crafin, which buy your gift card directly, but the payout is too low. For example, the payouts could be as low as 35 percent. Also Read – Samsung launched Galaxy A32 8GB with ‘RAM Plus’ tool

However, if you are expecting better payouts, here are some cool options to consider:-


Zingoy allows users to list their gift cards on its platform at whatever price they want and charge a small processing fee for every gift card sold. Apart from selling gift cards, you can earn cashback while shopping online on e-commerce platforms using the website. Zingoy also allows its customers to participate in surveys and earn cash rewards. The company also recently started offering pre-paid cards that you can use as debit cards.


CanSell is a similar platform to Zingoy, where you can sell your gift cards and involve them as a mediator. However, unlike the above, it offers two transaction methods: free and secure. Free is when there is little to no intervention from the platform in the sale and is considered to be risky if a fraud were to take place. Secure transactions is when the platform would charge you a five percent fee, and will act as an escrow service and help mediate disputes.

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You can also list your gift cards on websites like Olx and Quikr, where you can directly make a deal with the buyers and then make the transaction.

Social media

If all of these fail, social media can be your best friend as there are many impulsive buyer like me who like to buy things online. So next time if you are lucky to get such gift card from your loved ones, you know how to play.

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