Hawkeye’s Old School Costume Gets a New School Shout Out

Hawkeye New Clip Jokes About Old School Marvel Comics Costume

Now that’s a fun clip complete with the kind of meta banter you’d expect from a Marvel Studios production. But here’s a tidbit you don’t see in that brief footage. None of the footage in there is from the first two episodes of the show that will release on November 24. There’s some footage from 2012’s The Avengers in there, but nothing from the first two Hawkeye episodes, which spend a bit more time setting up the characters, story, and mentor-mentee relationship between Kate and Clint that will inform this witty, playful dialogue later on.

Hawkeye debuts its first two episodes on Disney+ November 24. Check back next week for interviews with its executive producer Trinh Tran as well as our recap.

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Source: Gizmodo

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