I Can’t Stop Watching These Power Plant Demolition Videos

Power plant implosions are catnip for local news. You can take it any number of ways: spectacle, local interest story, user-captured video. It’s all there for the taking. Here we have the Monticello Power Plant, located in Mount Pleasant, Texas, coming down. This implosion of yet another coal plant is satisfying as the structure housing the plant falls and a shot of smoke and dust goes up through the smokestack before it topples over, too.

The local flavor of this one, though, shows that there’s a human toll. KETK anchor Trent Bennett (who has since moved on to KAKE for local news watchers) points out that the plant’s owners shut it down in 2018 and let go of 200 people who worked there while promising future development.

“No word on any of that just yet,” Bennett notes.

Source: Gizmodo

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