Leaks Suggest Samsung’s Galaxy A33 Will Have Quad Rear Cams but No Headphone Jack

Leaks Suggest Samsung Is Moving Away From Headphone Jacks

However, while the previous A32 was available as either a 4G or 5G model, it seems there may not be a 4G-only version of the A33 next year. But the real potential downer is that after years of including support for a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack on its mid-range phones, these leaks indicate that Samsung will be killing off the headphone jack on the A33.

This could be a hard blow for budget-conscious buyers who rely on less expensive wired headphones for listening to music or watching videos instead of pricier wireless earbuds. That said, this decision isn’t entirely unexpected.

Elsewhere, the Galaxy A33 looks to feature a speaker and USB-C port on its bottom edge, a somewhat older notch-style selfie camera, and a body (likely made from Samsung’s “Glasstic” material) that will be available in black, white, orange, and light blue (though color options may vary based on the region).

Unfortunately, the recent leaks don’t specify if the Galaxy A33 will also feature support for a microSD card slot, which is another really useful feature that Samsung has continued to offer on its mid-range phones despite having dropped microSD expandability on its high-end Galaxy S phones.


But once again, if we look to the past, with Samsung having dropped support for headphone jacks and microSD expandability at the same time on the Galaxy S20, it’s very possible that with the Galaxy A33 losing its 3.5mm port, it might lose its microSD card slot as well.

If this turns out to be true, we could really be looking at the end of an era, as Samsung potentially signals the end of support for both headphones jacks and microSD card slots on all its phones regardless of price—potentially forcing longtime Samsung customers to consider other mid-range devices from competitors such as Motorola and TCL.


Source: Gizmodo

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