Save on a slew of GoPros at Amazon ahead of Black Friday

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We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday GoPro deals as of Nov. 15. Here’s what’s on sale at Amazon, including a newly discounted Hero10:

  • GoPro Hero8 is the smallest and oldest model, but it has all the basics you want in a GoPro camera  — $249.99 $299.99 (save $50)

  • GoPro Hero9 has a bunch of newer features, better battery life, and a new removable lens cap for durability — $349.99 $399.99 (save $50)

  • GoPro Hero10 has all the features on the Hero9, but with an improved frame rate for clear action photos — $449 $499.99 (save $50.99)

Even though summer’s over, you can still capture all of your winter adventures on a GoPro. This versatile action camera is great for vloggers, pro filmmakers, aspiring creators, and amateur daredevils. Think of all the snowboarding videos you can take this winter.

Wondering which GoPro to buy? The best one for you might not be the latest model. The Hero8, Hero9, and Hero10 are all great choices — and they’re all on sale at Amazon.

GoPro Hero8

Black GoPro Hero8 on a white background.

Credit: GoPro

Why we like it

The GoPro Hero8 is the smallest model of the three. Although it’s the oldest model, it has all the basics you’d want in a GoPro, including three levels of stabilization, live streaming, and a compact design.

GoPro Hero9

Black GoPro Hero9 on a white background.

Credit: GoPro

Why we like it

The GoPro Hero9 has a few significant upgrades from the Hero8, including a selfie screen, 14.7 MP video stills, 5K video, and a second color screen. Most importantly, it has a removable lens cover, making it easier to swap it out for a different lens or a new one if the original one breaks, and helping stave off damage. It also has a better battery life than the GoPro Hero8: 101 minutes when you’re filming in 1080p.

GoPro Hero10

Black GoPro Hero10 on a white background.

Credit: GoPro

Why we like it

The latest model, the GoPro Hero10 has higher frame rates and better low light performance. It’s also more scratch- and damage-resistant than the GoPro Hero9 or Hero8 models.

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