The Castlevania Studio Almost Made a Marvel Anthology Cartoon

Here’s the Marvel Cartoon That Could’ve Been

With the work the studio was doing at the time for various animated Disney projects, Graeber was asked by Disney executives to pitch some concepts, and Era was one that everyone in the studio quickly rallied behind. Keep in mind, this was all at a time when Powerhouse wasn’t the…well, powerhouse that is today thanks to projects like Castlevania or Seis Manos. Passionate as the studio was, Graeber openly admits that the studio didn’t have the money or time needed to fully spec out the project, though what he’s got in the thread itself is incredibly impressive. He even decided to set the animation to the 90s X-Men theme, which is a pretty fun coincidence.

The other thing that did Marvel Era in was, unsurprisingly, Marvel itself. At the time, the MCU was still just a small collection of movies and Disney’s acquisition of the publisher had everything splintered off. As Graeber explains it himself, “studio politics were complicated, and we were green.”

Sure, Powerhouse eventually got their hands on Castlevania and the rest is history, but don’t you kind of wish we got this too?


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Source: Gizmodo

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